Our Pledge

I shall conduct myself in accordance with the highest standards of integrity, fairness and competence, and adhere to the highest level of professional conduct.

I shall consistently and continuously adhere to the standards set by the Professional Code of Conduct for CPAs and maintain independence in judgment and action.

I shall comply fully and consistently with government laws and regulations and assume a pro-active role in shaping government policies toward good governance.

I shall regard my colleagues as business peers deserving professional respect and utmost consideration.

I shall uphold my commitment to society especially in promoting honesty and fairness in the practice of my profession.

I shall adopt and observe the professional ethical standards in the delivery of services to my clients.

I shall protect the interest of and provide value to stakeholders of my clients.

I shall perform quality assurance and advisory work to promote transparency, accountability and full disclosure.

I shall observe and promote best corporate practices to the best interest of my clients and the general public.

I shall strive to provide superior value to my clients, uphold their interest equal to my own, and nurture long term relationships with them.

I shall develop and maintain a roster of highly professional and capable manpower resource and provide a work environment that is conducive to the enhancement of work and increased well-being of employees.

I shall continually expand my knowledge and upgrade my skills and professional competence in order to give competent advice to the clients that I serve.

So help me God.