Rationale of the 2017 Theme

ACPAPP 2017 Theme: Moving Forward Together


The Association of Certified Public Accountants in Public Practice (ACPAPP) has had a long story of advocating for CPAs in public practice. It has worked steadfastly toward fulfilling four areas: (1) concern for its members; (2) professional development and increased capabilities for practice; (3) high standards of professional services to clients and society; and (4) harmony and cooperation.

While ACPAPP remains faithful to its mandate, the business environment is evolving rapidly. Advancements, particularly in technology, have accelerated the pace of change and they are transforming both the workplace and the workforce. These developments are inevitable and necessary. They compel us to reflect and to further strengthen our resolve to advance our duty as an organization. If we are to sustain our mission and reach our vision, we need to recommit ourselves and rise to challenges.

This is why we have selected Moving Forward Together as our theme for 2017. It is a call to action – an invigorating message to guide us on the journey to transform ACPAPP into a more accessible channel; a venue that pledges to help advance the professional developments and to promote high professional and ethical standards of Filipino CPAs in public practice. This focus serves as a reminder that by moving forward to reach a common objective, we are aiming for excellence as a community.



Past Themes

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2015    Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers

2014    Standing Tall Amidst the Global Accounting Challenges
2013    Championing the Practice of Accountancy: Professional Competence and Quality Service
2012    Building Relationship Through High Ethical Standards
2011    ACPAPP @ 30: Unity in a Changing Professional Landscape
2010    Auditor-Client Relation: A Partnership for Responsive Public Practice
2009    Meeting the Challenges Ahead Through Quality Practice
2008    Widening Our Reach Through Professional Competence and Leadership
2007    Keeping the High Grade in a Very Challenging Practice Environment
2006    Stronger at 25: Driving Professional Excellence
2005    Public Accounting Practice Redefined: Setting Standards for Good Governance
2004    Refocusing on Professional Growth and Membership Development
2003    Seizing the Initiative: Good Governance, Globalization and National Progress
2002    CPAs in Public Practice: Meeting the Challenges
2001    Transparency and Corporate Governance: The Role of CPAs in Public Practice